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Safety & Security Committee (SSC)

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Robert J. Ross
Senior Vice President, East Coast Operations


The Safety and Security Committee develops, shares, and provides education on best practices and guidelines related to safety and security for the broadcasting community in North America. Its primary goal is to improve the safety and security of broadcasting personnel, and focus on emergency preparedness and health and safety issues.


These updated documents contain valuable information (i.e., checklists for station engineers, etc.) that could be of use for those in the broadcasting industry.

DTH Satellite System Model Disaster Recovery Plan & Incident Response Manual

Local Television Station Model Disaster Recovery Plan & Incident Response Manual

Local Radio Station Model Disaster Recovery Plan & Incident Response Manual

Local Cable System Model Disaster Recovery Plan & Incident Response Manual


The committee has prepared the following document to help you manage the current H1N1 issue.

H1N1 Prevention Program Guidelines

It is a recommendation of the Committee that NABA members print these guidelines onto 6" x 8" cards, laminate them for durability, distribute them to first-resopnders and to also place them in prominent locations for all staff to read.

NABA Prevention Program: Seasonal & Pandemic Flu Guidelines

Other useful links:

Georgia Good Samaritan Act
CDC: Partnering with Federal Agencies - Closed Point of Dispensing Option
CDC: Division of Strategic National Stockpile

NY State Office of Homeland Security has free training and it is listed at See the training link on the left hand side.

The CDC has a tremendous amount of info on H1N1. Go to and click on the H1N1 link.

Wikipedia's "Good Samaritan Law" explanation.

Further information from the Center for Biosecurity of UPMC website:


The committee has prepared the following presentations in order to share key ´┐Żlessons learned´┐Ż within the broadcasting community. Click on the image or the title to open the presentation.

Broadcaster Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness

Stress in the
Newsroom and Field

ENG/SNG Truck Safety

Media Security and Reliability Council (MSRC)

The Media Security and Reliability Council (MSRC) is a U.S. federal advisory committee created by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in 2002. It is comprised of executive representatives from broadcasters, satellite service providers, trade associations, public safety representatives, manufacturers and other related media entities.

MSRC´┐Żs goals include preparing broadcasters for national emergencies, mitigating potential dangers, maintaining their facilities and ensuring the safety and security of their staff members. With the completion of MSRC Phase II, MSRC preparedness documents (for TV, Radio, Cable and Satellite) are now available. These documents include guidelines and tool kits to assist the community in local planning activities to ensure reliability of media services in the case of national emergencies, including natural disasters to terrorist attacks.

Avian Flu Information

The United Nations' World Health Organization (WHO) is encouraging all countries to adopt a preparedness plan to deal with avian influenza, and warns that the world is ill-prepared if bird flu became a pandemic. Broadcasters are compiling information to aid in preparing for a pandemic, as is detailed on the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Unions website.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC/Radio-Canada) has developed a document to provide guidelines on the Prevention Program Against the Avian Flu Infection. These guidelines are designed to minimize the risks to the health and safety of staff and are intended to facilitate compliance with the Canadian Labour Code Part II and the Canada Occupational Health and Safety (COHS) Regulations.

CBC/Radio-Canada: Prevention Program Against the Avian Flu Infection

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