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Radio Committee (RC)


Julie McCambley
Director, Radio Production, Media Operations and Technology


The NABA Radio Committee (NABA-RC) collaborates with and complements activities of existing national forums, agencies and organizations. With a goal to improve the range and quality of service of radio broadcasters to the benefit of NABA members, key areas of focus include:

  • Territorial integrity of broadcast signals,
  • Interoperability of content and distribution systems, and
  • Emerging digital broadcast services.

The Radio Committee meets every four to six weeks by teleconference to identify potential areas for developing collaborative strategies, information dissemination, targeted research and development, and demonstration activities.

Work plan priorities include:

  • Territorial integrity of broadcast signals in an increasingly complex RF reception environment
  • Emerging new products and new service models for digital radio services
  • Emergency preparedness and recovery activities (in collaboration with the Safety and Security Committee)
  • Interoperable, multi-mode digital receiver development for international consumers

The Committee strives to ensure that the future will be one where signal integrity is maintained, where radio can be received through an increasing variety of mobile devices and receivers. Where practical, NABA promotes the standardization of radio in North America to the benefit of NABA members and the public.

For more information, please contact the NABA Secretariat.


You're stuck in Monday morning gridlock. The soothing sounds of your favorite morning radio show eases the stress. Suddenly, your station unexpectedly fades into someone's gangster rap music playlist with expletives galore. How could this happen? The signal is coming from the car stuck in gridlock next to you, courtesy of an unlicensed low-power transmitter called an FM modulator that allows drivers to connect portable audio players to their car stereo. It may seem like common sense that radio listeners can enjoy listening to radio anywhere they go without interference or incompatibility, but with the rise of new technologies, formats and standards, the issue of compatibility and signal integrity is becoming increasingly important. These are among the key issues NABA's Radio Committee members confront.

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