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Radio Committee (RC)


Julie McCambley
Director, Radio Production
Media Operations and Technology


Paul Brenner
Senior Vice President
Emmis Communications

Mandate Framework for NABA Radio Committee


The NABA Radio Committee (NABA-RC) collaborates with and complements activities of existing national forums, agencies and organizations. With a goal to improve the range and quality of service of radio broadcasters to the benefit of NABA members, key areas of focus include:

  • Territorial integrity of broadcast signals
  • Interoperability of content and distribution systems, and
  • Emerging digital broadcast services

The Radio Committee meets every four to six weeks by teleconference to identify potential areas for developing collaborative strategies, information dissemination, targeted research and development, and demonstration activities.

Work plan priorities include:

  • Territorial integrity of broadcast signals in an increasingly complex RF reception environment
  • Emerging new products and new service models for digital radio services
  • Emergency preparedness and recovery activities (in collaboration with the Risk Awareness & Continuity Committee.)
  • Interoperable, multi-mode digital receiver development for international consumers

The Committee strives to ensure that the future will be one where signal integrity is maintained, where radio can be received through an increasing variety of mobile devices and receivers. Where practical, NABA promotes the standardization of radio in North America to the benefit of NABA members and the public.

For more information, please contact the NABA Secretariat.


The NABA Digital Radio Working Group was formed to produce a Position Paper on a voluntary North American Digital Radio Standard. You can read the paper here.


The NABA FM Chip Working Group was created to investigate FM chips in smartphones. A smartphone with an FM chip enabled (and a suitable app) can stream FM radio using much less battery and data.

NABA, along with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), is tracking penetration of FM chips in smartphones for the North American market. For more on their research, please click here.

2017 Future of Radio & Audio Symposium

February 16th, 2017 - Washington, DC (Hosted by NAB)

Symposium Program

2016 Future of Radio & Audio Symposium

March 3rd, 2016 - Mexico City, Mexico (Hosted by CIRT)

Symposium Program

2015 Future of Radio & Audio Symposium

On February 19, 2015, NABA's Radio Committee held a Future of Radio & Audio Symposium at CBC/Radio-Canada's Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto. The Symposium provided NABA's membership, and others involved in radio production and distribution with an exciting day of signature keynotes, discussions and presentations on the core issues affecting the future of the business. The NABA-RC will incorporate information and issues gathered at the Symposium as part of its Work Plan going forward.

Symposium Program

Video files from the day are available at the following links:

  • 1.0 Opening Remarks (NABA's Michael McEwen and CBC/Radio-Canada's Julie McCambley)

    2.0 "Future of Radio" Keynote Address (FCC's Ajit Pai)

  • 3.0 The Future of Delivery - A Roundtable (Moderated by NPR's Marty Garrison)

  • 4.0 Digital Radio: Where it's at and How it Fits into a Broadband World (Moderated by NAB's David Layer)

  • 5.0 Radio as a First Responder: The Importance of Radio in Emergency Situations (Moderated by Newstalk 1010 Toronto's Kym Geddes)

  • 6.0 "How to Make Broadcast Radio Still Work in a Streaming World" Keynote Address (Emmis' Jeff Smulyan)

  • 7.0 Local - Is it Still Radio's Competitive Advantage? (Moderated by Rogers' Paul Ski)

  • 8.0 Revitalizing the AM Band (Moderated bv Univision's Karl Lahm)

  • 9.0 The Next Generation of the Auto Dashboard and What it Means for Radio (Moderated by CBC/Radio-Canada's Julie McCambley)

  • 10.0 Closing Remarks (Emmis' Paul Brenner)

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