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Key Objectives and Current Issues


NABA is committed to the following key objectives:

  • Addressing spectrum-related issues: Preservation of the terrestrial and satellite broadcasting spectrum and protection of it from interference.

  • Strengthening content protection: Copyright and intellectual property issues and technical solutions; proposed WIPO Treaty on the Protection of Broadcasting Organizations.

  • Representing North American broadcasters in national and international entities: The three North American regulators (1) Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States, (2) Industry Canada/Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) in Canada, and (3) Comisión Federal de Telecomunicaciones (CoFeTel) in Mexico and, internationally, the World Broadcasting Unions (WBU), International Telecommunications Union - Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R), and the World Intelectual Property Organization (WIPO).

  • Promoting international program exchange: Transport, transmission, and operating issues.

  • Serving as a forum for discussion of common issues and identification of key initiatives: Signal protection (preventing interference and signal theft, addressing retransmission issues); safety and security (sharing and developing best practices for emergency preparedness, business continuity, and health, safety, and security issues for the broadcast community).

  • Working as a broad coalition to identify and enable new business on new platforms: Digital transition issues (contributing to new digital standards, platforms, and interface capabilities, advancing operational standards and practices); new production and distribution technologies and processes.


With the ever-evolving broadcast industry, some of the current issues on NABA's radar are listed below:
  • For IP technology to be utilized across broadcast platforms (contribution, delivery, production); with a focus on media interoperability and OTT services

  • The issues surrounding the Next Generation of Television (which is more than just a transmission standard) such as IP technology, OTT, media interoperability and the related production and consumer issues

  • Cyber security for broadcast operations, particularly to prevent hacking and ensure functionality in times of man-made and natural emergencies

  • More opportunities to share best practices, including seminars and symposiums, and to educate about changes that are rapidly overtaking the industry

  • Developing an adaptive workforce to meet the challenges of the IP world through strategic hiring and retraining

  • Ensuring the most effective legal and business strategies are in place to protect the broadcast signal regardless of the platform it is delivered on

  • Spectrum challenges in light of both the ever-increasing demands from the mobile industry for broadcast spectrum sharing and the pending ATSC 3.0 standard (Next Generation Broadcast Television)

  • Freedom of speech and the safety of our news crews in the field and our facilities at home and abroad

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